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 Weather One Services provides the aviation and  meteorological communities
 with surface based  weather observations.   These observations  are critical to
 all aviation interest and are the official  climatological  record  for  the location
 at which they were recorded.   Contract  weather offices are  located at most
 major airports  around the country.   We  employ  National  Weather Service
 certified weather observers to accomplish our goals. Many of our  employees
 learned meteorology skills while serving in branches of the military such as the
 Air Force,  Navy, and the  Marine Corps.  We  also  have  many  employees 
 whom have worked for the  Federal  Aviation  Administration or the National
 Weather Service.  If  you are a  meteorological or  aviation enthusiast looking
 for a career  in  the  weather  field,  please  visit  our  employment  section for
 more information on currently available meteorological positions..

 Our observers use  ASOS  (Automated Surface Observing System)  to  take,
 record, and disseminate the official weather observations. Since our beginning
 our company has been responsible for more than  two  million official weather
 observations at several major U.S. cities. 


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